- meet trisha -

Shelley Family 2019-Shelley Family 2019-

Hey friends!  I’m Trisha!  I am a natural light wedding and family photographer based out of south Saint Louis, Missouri.  I am a sunshine loving photographer, but more importantly, I'm a "moment" photographer.  

I  love creating real moments through my prompts/poses to create images that truly show off each couple's or family's unique love! I'm a big fan of laughing and making my clients so comfortable that the joy in their pictures is real! Sometimes it's hard for people to be themselves in photos! My goal is to have my subjects leave their session truly having had a fun time, but also receiving timeless images that show off them and their love! 

I strive to provide my brides with a one of a kind experience for their wedding by getting to know them, educating them on what makes the best photographic experience, and helping them plan their timelines/outfits/ etc. all the while getting to know them and making them comfortable with me! Because when you're comfortable with me and trust me, you'll let loose and your images will be AMAZING!



Shelley Family 2019-Shelley Family 2019-

 I met my husband in 7th grade on the soccer field. My dad was the coach! We were crushing pretty hard right away. For years, at sleepovers with my friends, I was always talking about Jake. We FINALLY started dating our senior year in high school and on through college! After he, again, FINALLY popped the question, we got married at the ripe old age of 22! Now we're cruising along towards our 8th year of marriage with two sweet little ones....and still. in. school. When you have big dreams, sometimes it takes a while to get there. My husband's currently attending an orthodontic residency, and in a couple years we'll be finished!! 


Okay, so a few things you have to know about me:


1. I am a creative. I mean, sign me up for all the crafting, DIY-ing, painting, graphic designing things. Oooh, actually...let me edit that, I'm creative up until I walk into a kitchen....the talent ends there :) If you need a chef.....head...or rather run elsewhere! :)


2. : Here's a list of all my guilty food pleasures...or addictions: chips and guacamole, Dr. Pepper, Oreos, and straight up chocolate. Oh the struggle is real! I can't even walk down those aisles in a grocery store! 



But really, meet Trisha!

3.  I'm an outdoors girl! I have the most joy and feel most fulfilled when I'm outside with my family playing, biking, running, hiking, swimming.....outdoor everything. Sign me up. But, with the combination of me and my husband....our poor kids practically glow in the dark---which means I also have a hardcore stash of ALLLLL the sunscreen!

4. Last but not least, I'm always up for a good Netflix binge. Late night editing, with one of my favorite treats mentioned above and a good LONG TV series and I am set! Current faves: Fixer Upper, The Good Place, The 100, The Office, Stay Here, The Umbrella Academy, Parenthood, White Collar, Grey's Anatomy, and Stranger Things. I'm sure the list goes on....so, if you have any good recommendations, send them my way! I need alllllll the good shows in my life while I edit away! :)